Friday, February 1, 2013

1:32 WW2 Russian Infantry in Winter Dress

These figures came in a bucket with two of each figure and some cannons from a different time period. Having no idea what company made them, I posted thia entry at TMP and asked for help in identifying them. I've since been told that these are recasts of Italeri's 1:72 Russian Infantry (Winter Uniform) as well as some figures from the 1:32 set of the same maker. The figures came molded in green with very, very basic flesh slapped on as well as a horrible drybrush. I repainted them green.

A good assortment of uniforms and headgear. Above, a soldier wearing the  M1940 helmet with the  regulation service uniform. 

This figure is wearing the ushanka cap and the telogreika quilted jacket.

The mortar man behind is wearing the Soviet greatcoat.

I'm keeping my eyes out for more of these and will pick up the origianl 1:32 set too.

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  1. In The States, these are available from Hobby Bunker.