Monday, February 11, 2013

1:32 Russian Knights

This 1:32 set of flats is the matched pair of the previously featured Mongols. Cast in gold-colored plastic as opposed to the silver of the Mongols, these Rus knights depict the various Druzhina ("fellowship") or military retinue in service to a Kynaz or chieftain. Descended from the famous Varangians or Varyags, the Druzhina was composed of two groups -- the Boyars who were the chieftain's advisors and performed higher function, and the chieftains prince’s personal bodyguard and soldiers.

These men served as knights, cavalry and infantry of the various Slavic kingdoms. When the Mongol Empire invaded Kievan Rus' in the 13th century, these warriors rode to oppose them but were ultimately defeated by the Mongols. The victors devastated much of the region and settled as neighbours and overlords of the Rus as the Golden Horde.

Included in the set is a leader, a standard-bearer, two Druzhina -- a swordsman and a lancer -- and a foot archer.