Sunday, February 17, 2013

Box Quick Peek

Here are a few of my plastic goodies still in their boxes. I admit, I keep the boxes my toys come in, especially if the box art features illustration. I'm an illustrator and designer by profession and box art -- good, bad and anything inbetween -- catches my attention most of the time. Since there are only a few model shops where I live, I have to rely on pictures of the actual product ( For 1/72, the Plastic Soldier Review is a big help; For other scales, I'm not aware of a sole reseource for this thing and would rely on pics from collector pages if I'm lucky enough to find them) or make a decision based on the boxart they come packaged in when shopping online.

The Miniart kits are in 1/72 and will make up my matched pair of Late Roman armies -- the Romans themselves as well as the Germanic tribes that challenged them.

The Orion box also contains 1/72 figures representing Early Rus warriors. This is the very first Orion kit I bought and I'll be opening this box soon.

The last box is from Trumpeter Models of China and features US Army soldiers in Iraq. The kit provides parts for four, unpainted soldiers in various poses. I'm a slow modelmaker and a kit will sometimes take ages to get all done up but I'm trying something new for 2013 that will hopefully address my unbuilt kit pile issue soon.

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