Thursday, April 9, 2015

Knight in Quarterly Or and Azure, in the First a Lion Rampant Gules

70mm Knight Rauf de Jarconvile/ Ralph de Jarpanville in quarterly or and azure, in the first a lion rampant gules. 4D Master.

Knight in Gules, with Three Lions Passant Guardant in Pale or Armed and Langued Azure

The 4D Master Lionheart Crusader is a 1:25 ( roughly 70mm) figure puzzle manufactured by the Fame Master Enterprise Limited of Hong Kong. The set comes with 4 parts to build the fully painted knight and horse.

 The figure is depicted wearing what would soon be known as the Royal Arms of England. Its blazon is Gules, with three lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure, meaning three identical gold lions with blue tongues and claws, walking and facing the observer, arranged in a column on a red background.

The box and the armor style labels the figure as a crusader but Richard the Lionheart used a single lion rampant, or perhaps two lions affrontés on his surcoat, during his time in Outremer. Richard later used three lions passant in his 1198 Great Seal of England, and thus established the lasting design of the Royal Arms of England.

The figure is covered in chainmail, a surcoat, a great helm and armed with a lance, a strapped sword and a heater shield. The horse also wears the knight's blazon on its caparison but has horse armor on the head, which didn't appear until the 15th century.

If the knight and horse were meant to represent a crusader during the 13th century as suggested by the chainmail armor, helm and the shield, the blazon should only have at the most two lions passant guardant in pale with the horse mantle or quilting in white with a cross. As it is, the figure would better depict an english knight during Richard the Third's later campaigns in England and France. The horse though would have been better supplied with an unarmored head.

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