Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1:32 Russian Druzhina Leader, Standard-Bearer & Warriors

 The Druzhina standard-bearer is well realized, with engraved detailing and a stylized pose. The shield, armor and sword sheath have various sharp engraved detailing that makes the figure pop-out even when unpainted. The rider's standard itself is engraved with a religious icon, popular during this period.

One of the Druzhina is depicted attascking with his lance on a rearing horse. The warrior lacks engraving to represent the popular mail and suggests a warrior of lower rank, wearing fabric armor.

 This Druzhina appears to be the leader of this warband, with an arm outstretched as if issuing commands. He wears a mix of chain, fabric/leather and scale mail and his horse furniture is also well detailed with little icons and designs.

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  1. Beautifully realized on all counts. Within the limitations of the medium, the toymaker brings remarkable emptive power out of flat plastic. The color choice is greatly enhanced by the photographs ... Thanks dir posting!