Thursday, February 7, 2013

1:32 Mongol Leader, Lancer & Banner

Shown here are three of the poses in the set I own. The first is a swordsman on a rearing horse. The design is stylised but the detailed engraving is very nicely done, especially on the horse furniture. The second is bannerman carrying a tug or a sulde (Mongolian banner) adorned with circularly arranged horse or yak tail hairs of varying colors. Usage of the horse tail is symbolic because horses are so central to the Mongols' livelihood. The third figure is a lancer on a rearing horse. Aside from his lance, the rider is also carrying an arrow quiver and presumably a bow since Mongols were well knon for horse archery. Design-wise the horses and riders look more western rather than the asiatic conventions, with longer limbs and faces, but these are nice figures nonetheless.

Thankfully, some fellow collectors have identified the figures. These are recasts of models made by the Baltic Chemical Company of St. Petersburg, Russia. It seems that I am missing a pose or two from the original set. Hopefully, I'll come across some of those one of these days.

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