Saturday, March 2, 2013


On display are four 1:32 S.A.S. troopers, or least I believe they are. No marks are visible on the stands and I can't find any reference of these as either originals or recasts of another brand. The sculpting is very soft on details with guns being very rudimentary, especially the figure holding a pistol that looks more like a hotdog sandwich. Two figures wearing balaclavas and tactical face masks/armor, one standing and another kneeling, carry what seem to be MP5s. The fourth is carrying a shotgun and seems to be wearing a gas mask.

Not an impressive set but one of the few post WW2/Modern figure sets I own. I'm currently painting another set of these figures and hopefully, they'll come out better looking. As is, they'll make good S.A.S., SWAT or anti-terrorist forces for a modern skirmish game.

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