Monday, April 8, 2013

1:72 Early Imperial Romans

These are 1:72 Early Imperial Romans from Caesar Miniatures. Caesar Miniatures is known for crisp details and beautiful sculpting. The men are wearing lorica segmentata armor, the iconic look popularized by Hollywood and most carry the heavy pilum. The Scuta, or shield, has an engraved design on it. I would have preferred it blank but the sculpting is nice and well detailed showing unicorn horns, wings and swords.

Most of the men are posed attacking with pila being wielded on the right hand in various positions. The poses though are more meant for skirmishes with arms stretched out and not held close to the body which wuld allow closer shoulder-to-shoulder formatons. It is quite difficult to mount 4 of these figures tightly to a 60mm wide base ( most common frontage for DBx gaming.)

Nonetheless, these are beautiful, well-made figures.

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