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Planet of the Apes: Gorilla Riders

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New 1:72 Figure Sets and 1:76 Tanks

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WIP Base Painted French Horse Grenadiers

So many colors. A fresh change from mostly olive drab. Ink washes next. posted from Bloggeroid

Unboxing NATO Troops and WW2 Japanese

ESCI NATO Troops, ESCI/Italeri WW2 Japanese (IJA) and Waterloo IJA infantry posted from Bloggeroid

Doughboy charging with gas mask

Marx Warriors of the World WWI US Doughboy charging with gas mask Here's a documentary video on gas warfare during WW1.

WIP: French Foreign Legion with Reference Pictures

Preparing to paint my ESCI French Foreign Legion. Reference pictures from and

Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde Impériale being painted

More work on the French Horse Grenadiers. French Foreign Legion figures are also being prepped for painting.

The Battle Of Manila: The Japanese Troops

   Rear Admiral Iwabuchi Sanji, commander of the 31st Naval Special Base Force had the Manila Naval defence numbering 12,500 men and 4500 army personnel under the command of Col. Katsuzo Noguchi and Capt. Saburo Abe. They built defensive positions in the city, including Intramuros, cut down the palm trees on Dewey Blvd. to form a runway, and set up barricades across major streets. Iwabuchi formed the Northern Force under Noguchi, and the Southern Force under Capt. Takusue Furuse.