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Airfix WW2 US Paratroops

posted from Bloggeroid

Regiment de Grenadiers-à-Cheval de la Garde Impériale

Assembling the French Horse Grenadiers. The sculpts are nice but I found the two horse poses too benign and inadequate for the poses the riders are sculpted in. The riders are glued to the horses and lathered with PVC glue. these will be set to dry for a few days then priming will be started. Painting guide from Hat.  Regiment de Grenadiers-à-Cheval de la Garde Impériale or the Regiment of Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard became known for their austerity and haughty demeanor.The army nicknamed them "The Giants", "The Gods" or simply "The High Heels" (from their tall boots).  Their uniforms consisted of fur caps with red plumes and golden cords and dark blue coat with white lapels and aiguilettes (ornamental braided cord.)  The Horse Grenadiers rode on big black horses, with full manes and tails, bought in Caen for 680 francs apiece. Their mounts were 16 hands tall with the majority as blacks with a fe

Kepi in the Morning

After breakfast, I focus my attention to my ESCI French Foreign Legion posted from Bloggeroid

The Shape of Things To Come

Napoleonic French Mamelukes

Hat Industries' first release! posted from Bloggeroid

Legion Etrangere.

Busy with my Legion Etrangere. ESCI 1:72

Egyptian Undead

More of the painted Egyptian skeleton warriors posted from Bloggeroid

Wind-up Samurai

A nice dimestore find! posted from Bloggeroid

Star Wars Figures

A new addition to the prototype Starkiller and Darth Vader. The wookie seems to be a concept study. posted from Bloggeroid

Vintage Plastic

A mix of Marx, MPC, Ideal, Tim Mee and Ausley posted from Bloggeroid

Parcel O' Plastic

A parcel of plastic just arrived from Florida courtesy of Paul Gruendler. I'll be trading some figures for this so it's time to ready a box. More on these soon! posted from Bloggeroid posted from Bloggeroid