Saturday, August 16, 2014

100 Toy Soldiers Comicbook Ad

As a kid, I've always wanted one of these "footlockers" with a hundred toy soldiers but I couldn't figure out how I could have possibly ordered one. At that time, the Peso-dollar conversion was US1 to PHP4 I think. The soldiers, tanks, jeeps, battleships, etc were flat, easily broke and were not of the same scales. Nevertheless, the nostalgia factor rates high for me. Nowadays, an incomplete set ells for around $30-$50. Here's what these figures look like:


  1. I remember as a kid a friend had a whole set and yes they were just as you have described, the "footlocker" being the cardboard box they came in.

  2. My brother and I went to Grandpa's house one day and somehow he had gotten a foot locker for us. We set them up in the ruins of American (ELGO) Bricks ...