Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ESCI Fallschirmjäger

1:72 ESCI Set 244 Fallschirmjäger (German Paratroopers 'Green Devils')

Sadly, no action pose. And why are a lot of the paratroopers left-handed? Too bad the poses weren't well thought out.


  1. the last two poses are so bad. come on...the barrel into the ground?! and the guy with the grenade is looking at it like he never seen it before! a bad set!

  2. One figure has his weapons barrel in the dirt, even the most inexperienced soldier would not do such a thing and if he did the other troops and the SGT would be all over him. One pose has no magazine in his machine pistol. I agree with Tsold9000 that the man with the grenade acts like it's new to him. And two left handed shooters! I like the sculpting, but the poses are terrible. I heard a theory that since this may have been the last ESCI set the sculptor intentionally sculpted poor poses as a type of revenge against the company for ending production. I have a few of these in my collection but not many and I have "edited" out certain posed either completely or at least reduced their numbers. The guy leaning on the rifle, you have to cut the rifle off and he becomes a leaning figure. The Pegasus Paratroops are much better.