Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stumped Painting Bengal Lancers

Painting the Strelets Bengal Lancers but can't decide if I should go all khaki or the more colorful dress uniform. And if dress, which regiment? I like the look of Skinner's horse as well as Hodson's horse. And the headgear research is driving me batty too. Any suggestions? The photo shows the horses finished with the riders just base painted.

Did any regiment use khaki uniforms with colored regimental turbans? That might be a good compromise.

Strelets sculpting leaves a lot to be desired and makes it difficult to paint faces, hands, etc. Most are just lumps of material roughly pushed into place. Sigh, but I keep on buying these sets from them. Misplaced fondness for their plastic charm? Maybe. I hope these painted ones turn out nice though.

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